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Basel Historical Museum loans objects from its collections to other museums for exhibitions.

We will gladly help you select the best objects and provide information on their availability before you file a formal loan request. Exhibited objects can be loaned only in exceptional cases and with good grounds.


As various checks have to be performed and the necessary authorization obtained before a loan request can be granted, it is vital that you supply the information we need and abide by the deadlines set. To process your loan request we need:

  • the loan request itself
  • an exhibition concept (in brief)
  • project information (as per the Loan Form)
  • the list of objects with inventory numbers (Loan Form)
  • a Facility Report for the exhibition venue

A loan request must be submitted at least 180 days before the opening of the exhibition. You will first be sent a confirmation of receipt. Then, once your request has been checked and approved, you will be sent further details of the object as well as the costs, insurance values and any special agreements that may be required.

There is a service charge of CHF 200 per approved object. To this must be added the costs of any conservational measures and photography that may be necessary (labour and material costs) as well as the insurance, transport, crating, escorted courier costs etc., all of which shall be borne by the borrower. Loans to other public museums in Canton Basel-Stadt are subject to different criteria.

Once the Commission of Basel Historical Museum has agreed to the loan, you will be sent a Loan Agreement. You will receive the invoice straight from the insurer.

The mode and date of transport can be agreed only after Basel Historical Museum has received a signed copy of the Loan Agreement. A condition report shall be signed when the objects are handed over and again upon their return.


Please address all correspondence regarding loans to stefan.buerer(at)bs.ch.

For the reproduction of objects for catalogues, flyers, posters and websites, please contact daniel.suter(at)bs.ch as soon as the Loan Agreement has been signed.


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