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The Basel Historical Museum, with its three sites, constantly offers smaller and larger exhibitions.

Large exhibitions are accompanied by a wide range of guided tours and events.

Collection Presentation

Gold & Glory

Gifts for Eternity

11.10.2019 – 19.01.2020  |  Kunstmuseum Basel, Neubau
German, English, French  |  Exhibition admission

The Basel Historical Museum is currently preparing a major loan exhibition to celebrate the millennium of Basel cathedral «GOLD & GLORY – Gifts for Eternity», which is to be the key event among numerous festivities planned for the cathedral jubilee.

Special exhibition


Friedrich Nietzsche and his Afterlife

16.10.2019 – 22.03.2020  |  Barfüsserkirche
German, English, French  |  Exhibition admission

This exhibition in honour of the 175th anniversary of Friedrich Nietzsche's birth and the 150th anniversary of his appointment to Basel University's Chair of Classical Philology offers visitors an insight into the turbulent life and ground-breaking ideas of Modernism's most influential and most radical philosopher.  

Collection presentation

Leaps in Time

A Brief History of Basel

22.06.2019 –                 |  Barfüsserkirche
German, English, French  |  Admission

The exhibition Leaps in Time will provide a brief history of Basel from the earliest signs of human activity there to the present. Visitors will be piloted through 100'000 years of history by some hundred exhibits, including key evidence of some of the great milestones of the past. 

Special exhibition

Sound Pictures

Musical Treasures from 16th-Century Basel

24.05.2019 – 02.02.2020  |  Musikmuseum
German, English, French  |  Admission

They sang Parisian chansons, played Polish lute music or collected musical instruments. For Basel’s Renaissance burghers, polymaths like Amerbach, Platter and Iselin, music was essential to the cultural life of the city. This is the story told by a special exhibition of unique prints and manuscripts from that period to be held from 24 May 2019 to 2 February 2020.  

Cabinet exhibition

Public Enemy

Bruno Manser and the Rainforest

06.09.2019 – 01.03.2020  |  Barfüsserkirche
German, English, French  |  Admission

Bruno Manser (1954–2005) was Switzerland’s best known environmentalist and human rights activist during his lifetime. He studied the language and culture of the Penan in Malaysian Borneo. This cabinet exhibition on the activist was organized in cooperation with the Bruno Manser Fonds and the Museum der Kulturen Basel.  

Cabinet exhibition

The Basel Quran

A contribution to intercultural dialogue

02.07.2019 – 29.05.2020  |  Barfüsserkirche
German, English, French  |  Admission

Starting in July, the Basel Historical Museum is to show the Basel Quran. The manuscript penned in Egypt or Syria in 1242 was brought to the Council of Basel from Constantinople in 1437.  

Collection presentation

Medieval Worlds of Faith

A presentation of medieval art

23.03.2018 –                  |  Barfüsserkirche
German, English, French  |  Admission

The presentation of medieval art in the Basel Historical Museum offers exciting insights into the omnipresence of the Christian faith. Exquisite works of art from the 11th to 16th centuries unfold their beauty and spiritual power in the choir of the Barfüsserkirche.  

Cabinet exhibition

Wild Boar and Lettuce

Strasbourg Faience and Dining Culture

08.06.2018 – 28.06.2020  |  Haus zum Kirschgarten
German, English, French  |  Admission

They count among the great treasures of the art of porcelain-making: tureens in the shape of animals and deceptively real-looking plates of olives or lettuce made at the Hannong faience manufactory in Strasbourg.

Small collection presentation

Sheik Ibrahim

A Basel Sheikh in the Orient

15.10.2017 –                     |  Haus zum Kirschgarten
German, English, French  |  Admission

The Basel Historical Museum is honouring the famous explorer Johann Ludwig Burckhardt (1784–1817), who as «Sheikh Ibrahim» travelled all over the Near East, with an extensively revised and expanded edition of a biography that has long been out of print. It is also staging a small exhibition about him inside the house in which he grew up, the Haus zum Kirschgarten.


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