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The present strategy is a concise and compact articulation for the overall operational and structural development of the Basel Historical Museum over the next eight to ten years.

The Basel Historical Museum is one of the five state museums in the canton of Basel-Stadt. It looks back on a history of over 125 years and has a strong presence in the city of Basel with three exhibition buildings and is widely accepted by the population.

The strategy of the HMB result from the Museum Act, the supplement to the Museum Act and the Museum Ordinance:

  • Cultural and educational mission: the HMB has the task of collecting, preserving, documenting, researching and communicating cultural values. (§ 3)
  • Cooperation with the University: The HMB and the University cooperate while respecting the freedom of teaching and research and coordinate their activities as far as this is reasonable and possible.

The strategy is structured in the parts vision, mission and goals. The following is a highly abbreviated statement, without explanations, of the content of the vision, mission, and goals.

The vision describes our target state to strive for:

  • The HMB is internationally perceived, nationally significant, regionally anchored.
  • The core of the HMB is its collection.
  • The HMB draws from the historical treasure of its growing collection and relates it to the present.
  • The HMB stands for history in Basel.
  • The HMB is structurally sustainably financed.
  • The HMB is present and accessible in the digital world.

The mission describes our corporate purpose:

The HMB consists of five elements: Objects, Stories, Places, People, Science. The HMB is an archive of material culture with three central work areas: collecting and preserving, researching and documenting, exhibiting and communicating.

The following goals, on which the HMB will focus its work in the coming years, were set out in the strategy: Structures and processes, digitalization, service concept, exhibition venues, general inventory, collection center, cultural and working climate, and mission statement.


Management & administration
PO box | Steinenberg 4
CH-4001 Basel

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8:30 – 12 AM | 13:30 – 17 PM
Reception: +41 61 205 86 00

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