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30.11.2023 – 07.04.2024

Ligeti Labyrinth

György Ligeti (1923-2006) is considered one of the most important composers of the 20th century. Many original manuscripts are on display in the exhibition and media stations invite visitors to discover his music.

The exhibition takes place on the occasion of the composer's 100th birthday. Born in Siebenbürgen and educated in Budapest, Ligeti worked in the centres of new music in Western Europe after fleeing Hungary in 1956. His compositions are of extraordinary diversity and cosmopolitan openness, their international appeal extending beyond concert halls to film.


Letzte Tage

12.30 – 13.15

Vortrag: Experimentelle Zusammenarbeit mit afrikanischen Musikerinnen und Musikern
Mit Lukas Ligeti
19.00 – 21.00

Konzert: «Ligeti in Afrika» im Stadtcasino

Am 7. April wird die Ausstellung anlässlich des 4. Abo-Konzerts der Basel Sinfonietta bis 18.00 Uhr geöffnet sein – Eintritt frei

> Zum ganzen Programm rund um die Ausstellung «Ligeti-Labyrinth»

Ligeti Labyrinth

The exhibition

György Ligeti, Notes on the Violin Concerto (1990-92) © Paul Sacher Stiftung

"I feel my way forward from work to work, in different directions, like a blind man in a labyrinth" - this is how György Ligeti (1923-2006), one of the most original and influential composers of the second half of the 20th century, described his creative quest.

Nine thematic chapters provide insight into Ligeti's compositional work and his artistic cosmos. This includes references to jazz and folk music from all over the world as well as to literature and scientific findings. The exhibition shows mainly original objects from the estate, which is kept in the Paul Sacher Foundation, Basel, and makes it possible to experience Ligeti's music in sound and vision.

György Ligeti, draft for the organ piece «Volumina» (1961-62/1966) © Paul Sacher Stiftung

For Schools

Tour for school classes

The work of composers is usually hidden from the public. Following on from the exhibits on display, numerous audio examples provide a lively insight into György Ligeti's compositional practice.
Duration: 45 minutes

Workshop for school classes

The workshop, which complements the guided tour, involves experimenting with elements of Ligeti's scores, followed by the pupils' own compositions.
Duration: 90 minutes

All information and the registration form can be found on the page > For Schools.


So 07.04.2024, 19.00 Ligeti in Afrika
The Basel Sinfonietta performs works by György Ligeti, Lukas Ligeti and Hannah Kendall.
Stadtcasino Basel / Information and Tickets

Do 15.02.2024 Gegen das Establishment
The Basel Chamber Orchestra plays works by György Ligeti and Gustav Mahler.
Stadtcasino Basel / Information and Tickets

Mi 10.04.2024 PLANETS
The Sinfonieorchester Basel performs works by György Ligeti, Kevin Puts and Gustav Holst.
Stadtcasino Basel / Information and Tickets

«Poème symphonique»

In cooperation with the Paul Sacher Stiftung


The exhibition in Basel is supported by



Isaac Dreyfus-Bernheim Stiftung

Special exhibition in the Music Museum

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