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'Veilleuse' or nightlight

Key data

Durlach, no mark, ca. 1770-75

Faience, painting in 'high temperature' pigments, height 22.2 cm

Inv. 1922.17.


In Basle, where many objects of the applied arts are known by French names, this object is called a 'Veilleuse', or nightlight. Originally it would have included a small oil lamp to keep warm the liquid or broth in the container on top. The faience factory in Durlach, Baden, also supplied Basle, though it was less important than Strasbourg. Like most ceramics manufacturers in the C18, Durlach offered, besides a range of traditional and genre European decorations, chinoiseries with painting in 'high temperature' colours in blue/black and light green/manganese the latter was particularly striking and typical of Durlach. The source for such subjects was mainly the engravings of Elias Baeck (1679-1747), the favourite painter and engraver of the Durlach painters in the Chinese manner.

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