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View of the Barfüsserplatz with the Barfüsser Church

Key data

Probably Würzburg, dated 1835

Andreas Geist (1805–1860)

Oil on canvas

H 25 cm, W 32 cm

Inv. 2003.119.


This little painting shows the Barfüsser Church and its surroundings as it was in 1835. A large wooden gate blocks the entrance to the church, whose nave by that time was being used as a warehouse. When the Städtisches Kaufhaus was moved to the site of the Barfüsser Monastery five years later, the monastery itself was torn down to make way for it. The church was left standing and before becoming home to Basel Historical Museum in 1894 was used variously as a post office, pawn shop, auction house and butter market. The Barfüsserplatz – which in those days was still the Säuplatz or hog market – is shown to be full of people going about their business or simply out for a stroll. The building behind the Lion Fountain on the right was the customs house, while that to the left of it, set back somewhat from the square, was home to the hospital chaplain. The artist who painted this picture, Andreas Geist (born 1805 in Hassfurt, died 1860 Würzburg), is known to have spent the years 1833/34 in Basel.

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