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Basel Historical Museum has a collection comprising over 250,000 objects. A selection of these is presented here.

The scientists, scholars and collectors of the 16th century and thereafter kept Wunderkammer full of spectacular objects and works of art. Among the treasures presented are some that originally belonged to the world-famous Amerbach Cabinet.

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Horse-Drawn Sleigh

Probably Basel, late 19th century – Woodwork and coach-building – Ironware and metalworking – H. 164 cm, W. 115 cm, L. 240 cm – Inv. 2004.159.

Self-driven horse-drawn sleighs like this one were used for the sleigh rides into Baden or …

Pattern sheet for the coachwork

Basle, Carrosserie Heimburger, ca. 1890 – Height 20 cm, width 31 cm – Inv. 1981.211.

Coachwork guides made up of sheets of this kind with accompanying text booklets were used …

Minerva sleigh

Basle, Carrosserie Kauffmann, ca. 1890 – Height 188 cm, width 117 cm, length 206 cm – Inv. 1933.223.

The unusually lavish sleigh, furnished in the Louis XV style, came to the Museum from the …

Name plate of the Basle coachbuilder Julius Kiilz

Basle, Max Hindermann, ca. 1920 – Height 129 cm, width 94 cm – Inv. 1982.400.

The firm of Julius Kolz built primarily mail coaches, mail wagons and commercial vehicles. …

Basle 'sausage' sledge

Basle, 2nd half 19th century – Height 187 cm, width 135 cm, length 270 cm – Inv. 1982.164.

In the C18 and C19 and in the early C20 young people from wealthy families regularly went …

Two children's sledges

Sledge (left), formerly owned by the Sarasin family of Basle, 2nd third of C19 – sledge (right) made by Wagner Hungerbiihler, Kreuzlingen (Thurgau), formerly owned by the Basle family of Burckhardt Jacker, 1871 – Sledge (left): height 57 cm, width 54 cm, length 90 cm – sledge (right): height 80 cm, width 50 cm, length 144 cm – Inv. 1947.138. – Inv. 1947.206.

Such sledges, pulled or pushed by hand, were used as prams in winter. Children of rich …

Break de chasse et de promenade (hunting and driving break)

Basle, Carrosserie Kauffmann, Reinbolt & Christé, Successeurs, ca. 1890 – Height 212 cm, width 178 cm, length 340 cm – Inv. 1934.121.

Such hunting and driving carriages were usually driven by the owner himself. The Paravicini …

Painter's handcart

Ca. 1920 – Inscribed "E. Nachbur, Maler, Tel. 22 117" height 140 cm, width 112 cm, length 260 cm – Inv. 1985.306.

Such handcarts, used by all kinds of tradesmen and craftsmen, once played an important part …


Basle, Carrosserie Kauffmann, Reinbolt & Christé &, Successeurs, formerly owned by the La Roche family ca. 1895 – Height 189 cm, width 177 cm, length 332 cm – Inv. 1931.489.

Coupes are elegant town carriages driven by a coachman with one or two horses in English …

Children's coaches: vis a vis (left); barouche (right)

Zurich, ca. 1820/30 – Basle, ca. 1820/30 – Vis a vis: height 82 cm, width 75 cm, length 150 cm – Barouche: height 115 em, width 77 cm, length 132 cm – Inv. 1920.176. – Inv. 1915.22.

Such vehicles, produced either as toys for children or as working prams, were pulled by the …

Biedermeier calèche

Northern Switzerland, ca. 1810 – H 220 cm, W 144 cm, L 255 cm – Inv. 1982.88.

The calèche was a very common type of coach in the early Biedermeier period. Its removable …

Diana Sleigh

Düsseldorf, sculptor to the court Gabriel Grupello and workshop, ca. 1710 – Wood, carved and bronzed – H 185 cm, W 108 cm, L 235 cm – Inv. 1922.360.

The Diana Sleigh was most likely built for the Elector Palatine John William II (1690–1716) …

Lion Sleigh

Canton Thurgau, 18th cent. Figurehead, 19th cent. Chassis – Carved wood, wrought iron, leather – H. 170 cm, L. 225 cm, W. 69 cm – Inv. 1894.418.

This figural sleigh with its superbly carved lion figurehead comes from Canton Thurgau …

Sleigh with the Ryhiner and Faesch Coats of Arms

Place of origin unknown, ca. 1780 – H. 169 cm, L. 270 cm, W. 107 cm – Inv. 1924.347.

This elegant sleigh dating from ca. 1780 has been beautifully preserved in its original …

Shell Sleigh

Place of origin unknown, ca. 1780 – Carved wood, wrought iron – H. 176 cm, L. 250 cm, W. 104 cm – Inv. 1891.12.

This figural sleigh dating from ca. 1780 with a Louis XVI-style shell-shaped seat was …

Pallas-Athena Sleigh

Homburg, Läufelfingen Basel-Landschaft, 18th cent. – Wood, iron – H. 189 cm, L. 222 cm, W. 95 cm – Inv. 1896.36.

This sleigh comes from the Oberbaselbiet originally, specifically from Schloss Homburg near …

“Swan and Hound” Sleigh

Württemberg, 18th cent., chassis early 19th cent. – Inv. 1895.38.

Of all the figural sleighs of the 18th century, those shaped like animals were among the …

Child’s Toboggan

Place of origin unknown, before 1929 – Inv. 1942.123.

This toboggan made of wood was known here in Basel as a Kessler, and elsewhere as a …

Child’s Toboggan

probably Bern, early 19th century – Inv. 1981.182.

This dark-green toboggan, in Basel known as a Kessler or Brettlischlitten (lit. “board …

Baker’s Sledge

Basel, ca. 1890 – Inv. 1989.245.

This baker’s sledge from ca. 1890 would have been used to deliver bread, cakes and pastries …

Child’s Push Sleigh

Basel (?), ca. 1830/40 – Inv. 1996.284.

This child’s push sleigh dates from the Biedermeier period, that is to say, ca. 1830/40. It …

Baby Carriage

Place of manufacture unknown, from Basel, ca. 1820/30 – Inv. 1940.123.

This simple baby carriage probably comes from Basel and can be dated to the period 1820/30. …

Child’s Tricycle

Place of origin unknown, ca. 1870–1900 – Inv. 1971.232.

As the bicycle developed in the 19th century, so too did two- and three-wheeled vehicles …

Baby Carriage vis-à-vis

Basel (?), ca. 1780/1790 – Inv. 1998.149.

The Historisches Museum Basel has a comparatively large collection of children’s …


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