Object 3

Rope-tensioned Drum with Shoulder-belt and two Sticks

Monogramm GD [= Donator] (engraving, lock)

Georg Duthaler (1907–1999) was certainly the best drum expert in Basel.

He received this drum as a confirmation-present in 1923, not on Palm Sunday, as is usual but, since he was a good drummer who loved taking part in the carnival, already before carnival. The drum belonged previously to the leather-merchant Eduard Baumgartner, Steinenvorstadt 8 who probably was a member of 'Lalli-Clique' already before World War I.

The 'Lalli'-Clique was at that time the only one with white leatherware. Furthermore, this clique had drums made in nickel silver shortly before World War I.

The shoulder-belt was made by Carl Dischler; the sticks are copied from those of Hans Hafelfinger.

Object Description

Lalli-CliqueA. Baumann (dates unknown) Biel, c. 1913A. Baumann / Biel / Zukunftstrasse 10 / (shell, inside; information from the donator); DUTHALER (manuscript, pencil, snare skin) nickel silver; wood painted; hemp rope; leather; calfskin; gut snarerope in twelve courses; sextuple gut snareH. 48 cm; 0 43 cm (skin)L. 135 c,m b. 9,2 cm (shoulder-belt, leather)L. 39,3 cm, 39 cm (stick, beech-wood; faded monogram GD at top)Donation Dr. h.c. Georg Duthaler-Gfeller, Basel lnv. 1996.268.1.-3.

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