Object 27

Rope-tensioned Drum with Double Lock

Object Description

Gustav Werber (1897–1965)Basel, dated 1940Brass; mod, painted; animal skin (skin); hemp rope; gut snare; iron rope in eleven courses; gut snare, sevenfolddouble lock (the first ever existing; information from the son and donator Alfred Werber)H. 49 cm; 0 41,5 cm(skin)Donation Alfred Werber, Basel lnv. 1990.179.Zurn/ Andenken / an / RUEDI/ THURNEYSEN/ 27. Juli 1940 (Thurneysen died in a car­ accident on Hauenstein pass); Baselstab (stamped insignia, lock)Gustav Werber founded the workshop in 1926. It was taken over in 1965 by his son, Alfred Werber, the donator.

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