The Musikmuseum is located in the center of the old town above the Barfüsserplatz and forms part of the building complex, the oldest parts of which date back to the monastery complex of the Augustinian canons around 1070. Later used as a municipal building yard, the complex received its current name Lohnhof. The museum preserves the traces of recent history, namely the building shell and the spatial structure of the prison (1835-1995). Museum construction and furnishing (1999-2000) were financed by private donations.

With more than 3,300 objects, the Basel Historical Museum owns the largest collection of musical instruments in Switzerland. On three floors, the Musikmuseum presents about 650 European instruments from five centuries: from the oldest drum, dated 1571, to a richly decorated viola da gamba by Joachim Tielke (around 1704) and the orchestrion "Weber-Unika" from 1925. 24 former prison cells serve as exhibition cabinets, where numerous musical examples and further information are presented. Explore familiar, but also curious ways of making music on your tour.

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