Object 17

Children's Drum having belonged to Fritz Berger with Shoulder-belt and two Sticks

The drum was played by Dr. Fritz Berger (1895 - 1963) when he was a child. Fritz Berger was the creator of the notation for drums which is largely used today; he also composed drum marches.

Later the drum was taken over by his son and later by his son's cousin.

Object Description

Maker unknownBasel (?), 2nd half of 19th c.Ash-tree (?); walnut; hemp rope; leather; gut snare; ironrope in eight courses; double gut snareH. 16,8 cm; 0 19,3-20 cm(skin)shoulder-belt:wool felt, in two layers, lacquered in white L. 104,5 cm(1994.268.2.)Sticks: beech, painted in black; brass casesL. 30,1 cm, L. 30,4 cm(1994.268.3.1. und 3.2.}Purchase lnv. 1994.268.1.-3.

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