Object 21

Trumpet Marine (tromba marina)

Object Description

Johann Balthasar Beeler (dates unknown) Schwyz, 1689, datedSpruce (belly, two parts, body, five staves); Walnut (neck, peg-box);peartree wood, inlaid (belly, under the vibrating bridge)paper (neck, paper with letters of notes) body slightly funnel-shapedone playing string (gut),three sympathetic strings (metal) (body inside); originally four sympathetic strings outsideL. 1763 mm, 1105 mm (belly), 1420 mm (string)Donation Dr. h.c. Paul Sacher, Pratteln. Lobeck collectionlnv. 1956.423.Johan baltassar beeler, Zuo (Jnn?) / Schwytz, im haupt Gleech (?) den / 23(0?] May Anno 1689 (manuscript, paper, rib of belly inside)Tuning device: ratchet and pawl with iron spring combined with wooden peg

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