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François Feury (1711 at the latest–after 1772) Paris, dated 1746Mahogany (belly); maple and mahogany (body); brown varnish body shaped like a lute; nine ribs; peg-box with woman's headTm melody strings, four drone strings, four sympathetic strings, snare-bridge with guidonCompass g -f3, g3; thirteen lower keys (ebony), ten upper keys (covered with ivory)L. 625 mm, 471 mm (belly), melody strings 341 mm, drone strings 370 mm-376 mm, snare string 365 mm, sympathetic strings 358-361 mmPurchase lnv. 1882.27.F. FEURY. rue des Fossez / St. Germain de I' Au xerrois / proche la rue de I' Arbre sec. / A Paris 17 (printed) 46. (manuscript) (paper, inside belly); F FEVRY / A PARIS (brand , tangent box

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