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Stereoskopische Ansicht des Barfüsserplatzes in Basel


um 1900

Herstellungsort unbekannt

Photographischer Dreifarbendruck auf Karton

H. 8,6 cm, B. 16,5 cm

Inv. 2003.311.


Text auf Rückseite der Karte: Fruit Market, Basel, Switzerland. Basel, next to Geneva, is the largest city in Switzerland, and is situated on both sides of the Rhine in the northwestern part of the republic. Great Basel, or the city proper, lies on the south side of the river, and is connected with Little Basel, on the north side, by a handsome bridge 800 feet long, which was built in 1229. The city is well built and the fine old Gothic cathedral, founded in 1010, still stands. Basel is the seat of an active transit trade between France, Germany and Switzerland.

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