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«Baaabettli!!!!» – Babette describes her life as a maid to the Ryhiner-Leissler family. A living history tour about the musical life of Basel in 1750

Having accidentally fallen out of her picture frame, and hence out of 18th-century Basel and into the present, Babette decides that since she’s here, she might as well tell us something about her life in domestic service and about the family with whom she is employed as a maid. Because the Ryhiner-Leisslers are no ordinary family, and as a maid there, Babette has her work cut out for her – as long as she doesn’t get caught between the harpsichord and the violin case …


Tours should be booked at least two weeks in advance. We look forward to receiving your inquiries by telephone: +41 61 205 86 00 or by e-mail.

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