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27 March 2021 – 11 April 2021

Spring and Easter time

In the garden pavilion of the Haus zum Kirschgarten, an impressive bouquet of more than 150 artistically painted Easter eggs awaits visitors again at Easter time. In the cosy garden and on the ground floor of the house, children can take part in the popular Easter search game and win a chocolate bunny.

For those who prefer a virtual search game: the search for objects from our collection in the 3D model is open again. If the solution word is found, a prize can be collected from us.

 Further down you can also download a great colouring picture.

 We wish you lots of fun and good entertainment.

Virtual search game

Game instructions
Search for exhibits and immerse yourself in the 3D model of the house. In the process, you can find a solution word and collect a prize at the cash desk.

How to play
Download the solution sheet for the game and print it. Next, wander through the virtual map and look for the objects printed on the solution sheet.

Download solution sheet

In the virtual map, near of each object you will find an orange circle. When you click on a circle, a window will open that displays the letter it is associated with. Write down the letter in the box beneath the picture of the object on the solution sheet. Don't forget to write the solution in the boxes at the bottom of the sheet once you have found all of the letters!

Virtual map

Colouring picture

Three rabbits, three ears,
yet each rabbit has two ears!

Traditionally, rabbits are closely associated with Easter.
Colour in this unusual rabbit picture!

Download colouring picture

The object: embroidery
Three rabbits playing music (section of an embroidered linen tablecloth)
Switzerland, first quarter of the 17th century
white and brown linen thread on linen
height: 173cm, width: 123cm (overall dimensions)
Basel Historical Museum, inventory number 1899.35

Easter time in the Haus zum Kirschgarten

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