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Musical Instruments

Two fanfare trumpets in Eb

Key data

Jacob Steiger, Basle, 1578

Coiled clockwise

silver coated copper

pommel, bell rim and ferrule gilt

overall length 231 cm, mouthpiece diameter 1.2 cm, bell 10.4 cm

each with its own mouthpiece

Inv. 1874.121.

Inv. 1880.206.


No other information on Jacob Steiger is available. The signature IACOB S is engraved on each of the bell ferrules and on one of the mouthpieces; on the rims of both instruments is the engraved inscription ALS REGIERT HER BONAVENTURA VON BRUN 15 / 78 and a coat of arms with the Basle crosier. Bonaventura von Brunn was mayor of Basle from 1570 until his death in 1591. The two instruments are the oldest surviving dated trumpets in stirrup form. The sound compass comprises the notes in the natural tone series above E'; only in the fourth octave above the pedal note is a diatonic row (with restrictions) possible. In keeping with the custom of using trumpets at ceremonies at that time, often together with kettle drums, these two instruments are likely to have been blown on special occasions in the city of Basle.

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