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Basel Historical Museum has a collection comprising over 250,000 objects. A selection of these is presented here.

The scientists, scholars and collectors of the 16th century and thereafter kept Wunderkammer full of spectacular objects and works of art. Among the treasures presented are some that originally belonged to the world-famous Amerbach Cabinet.

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Mould, dated 1766, and plate

Mould: Johann Jakob Scholer, Basle – plate: Johann Konrad Zinck, Lorrach (Germany), last third 18th century – Cast bronze, diameter 29.5 cm – cast pewter, diameter 26.7 cm – Inv. 1932.1118. – Inv. 1976.155.

According to the statutes of the pewterers' guild, only holders of the title of master were …

Touchstone for gold assay

dated 1546 – Slate, brass gilt and engraved – length with ring 33 cm – Inv. 1890.86.

The cost of gold constantly gave occasion for forgery or misstatement of the gold content …

Ornamental hammer

dated 1649 – Head of cast bronze, engraved – iron mount on the face – strips of engraved brass, handle of turned boxwood – length 38 cm – Inv. 1930.214.

To judge from its appearance and the engraved motifs the small hammer might have been used …

'Kleiekotzer' (bran puker)

Reportedly from Murten (Fribourg), ca. 1770 – oak carved and painted (not original), mounted on an oak board, initials ISH HR at the top edge – height with board 60 cm, width 45.5 cm – Inv. 1896.197.b.

The 'Kleiekotzer' or bran puker - a wooden mask with wide open mouth - is a decorative …

Sign of the inn 'Zum wilden Mann', Freiestrasse, Basle

Basle, ca. 1600 – Oak, carved, painted – height 177 cm – Inv. 1870.1202.

Wildmen were a very popular motif in the Middle Ages; the term 'wild' embraced a wide …

Guild chest of the Steinmetzen (stonemasons)

dated 1592 – Probably Basle – Oil painting on wood (pine and cherry) height 17 cm, width 45.2 cm, depth 28.4 cm – Inv. 1870.898.

Guild chests were used by guilds for storing important documents and other valuables. While …

Inn Sign “Zum Schiff”

Basle, ca. 1850 – Iron, tin coated, embossed, painted (present paint not original) L 150 cm (ship) Inv. 1889.102.

Of all the more than eighty inn and shop signs in the collection, the sign “Zum Schiff” is …

Hairdresser’s chair

Place of manufacture unknown, 1940s – Steel, iron, Bakelite, plastic – H 101 cm, W 60.5 cm, D 102 cm – Inv. 2009.69.

This hairdresser’s chair comes from Charly Hottiger’s salon at Rebgasse 53 in Basel. When …

Sirolin ROCHE

Made by Roche since 1898 – F. Hoffmann-La Roche & Cie. AG Basel – Glass, paper, Bakelite (screw top), cardboard (box) H 13.9 cm (bottle), H 14.8 cm (box) Inv. 1981.231.f.

First launched in 1898, Sirolin cough syrup was the first remedy to be marketed by F. …

Drinking vessel belonging to Basel’s shoemakers’ guild

Basel, dated 1661 – Leather, mouthpiece made of gold-plated silver – H 16.4 cm – Inv. 1894.304.

Drinking vessels shaped like people, animals, ships, tools and all manner of things were …

Slit lamp by Kowa Company

LASER FLARE CELL METER – 1990–2000 – Metal, glass – H 74 cm, W 42 cm, D 35 cm – Inv. 2011.160.

This laser flare cell meter with split lamp is a device that measures the cloudiness of the …

Tent of the Zunft zum Goldenen Stern

Basel, 17th century (with numerous later reconstructions) Unbleached hemp-linen canvas – Dia. 5.4 m (on the ground) H. 5.4 m (incl. weathervane) Inv. 1889.81

The tent of the Zunft zum Goldenen Stern is the last surviving example of the marquees …


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