Object 23

Trumpet Marine (tromba marina)

Object Description

Maker unknownSchwyz, perhaps canton Uri, 4rth quarter of 17th c.Spruce (belly, in two parts, body, five staves); maple (neck, peg-box);paper (glued on, completed according to existing traces,rims of body, paper with letters of notes, neck) body slightly funnel-shaped;peg-box surmounted with a kind of a scroll;tuning device: wooden peg, combined with a ratchet and pawl with iron springone string (gut)L. 1855 mm, 1155 mm (belly), 1540 mm (string)Donation Hans and lta Eisenring.Transmitted by Hans and Katrin Eisenring-Muller, Zollikofen lnv. 1999.20.

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