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Quinton (?)

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Sebastien Bourdot (dates unknown)Mirecourt, dated 1742[S]ebastien Bourdot / a mircourt 1742 (manuscript, paper, back inside);Repare par Fischesser freres I L uthiern a Geneve 18 (printed) 88 (manuscript) (paper, back inside)Spruce (belly, two parts);maple (back, one part, ribs, nack, peg-box); brown varnishBody mixed form with viol-shaped outline, protruding belly and vaulted back; C-holes; peg­ box with man's headL. 565 mm, 314 mm (belly), 296 mm (vibrating strings)Bequest Maurice Bedot-Diodati, Genevalnv. 1927.265.

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