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Französische Pastoralmode und Pariser Instrumentenbau

Object Description

In France the glorification of nature and of a simple way of life is revealed in the pastoral mode and thus in the music of the time too.From around 1700 onwards, the hurdy-gurdy and the musette were accepted by the upper classes. This can be clearly seen from the expensive materials and elaborate decorations used. The music played on them mainly comprised single dances and suites as well as arrangements of existing pieces.The single-action pedal harp was heard for the first time in Paris in 1747. It became very popular when Marie-Antoinette, herself a harpist, moved to Paris in 1770. The city became the center of everything to do with the harp: craftsmen, composers and players.The harp remained popular durilng the Revolution, was especially so in the first half of the 19th century and has remained so until today.In Paris after the revolution and during the 19th century, there were many highly-skilled makers of other instruments, too .Some of these fine wind instruments are on exhibit in this collection.

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