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Franz Simon (1757–1803)Salzburg, dated 1794Franz Simon, Hof- und burgerl. / Lauten- und Geigenmacher zu I Salzburg 17 (printed) 94 (manuscript) (paper, back inside);F S (stamped insignia, cross-piece inside); F S (stamped insignia, beginning of neck outside) spruce (belly, two parts) ; maple (back, two parts , ribs , neck , peg-box) ;dark-brown , dull varnishBody shaped like a viol, without back fold; F-holes; peg-box with scroll, four stringsL. 1620 mm, 940 mm (belly), 921 mm (vibrating strings)Donation Dr. h.c. Paul Sacher, Pratteln. Lobeck collectionInv. 1956.533.

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