Object 16

Bowed Zither (Violin-melodeon)

Object Description

Georg Tiefenbrunner (1812–1880) Munich, 3rd quarter of 19th c.Georg Tiefenbrunner /in Munchen, Petersplatz No: 8/1.(two identica l papers , back inside);G. Tiefenbrunner/ Munchen (engraving, cover tuning mechanism);G. Tiefenbrunner / Petersplatz 8 / Munchen(Stamped insignia, fingerboard)Spruce (belly); maple (body, ribs); red-brown varnishBody similar to a viol; wing-shaped peg-box with tuning mechanism 29 frets; four stringsL. 468 mm; H. 25 mm; vibrating strings 392 mmPurchaselnv. 1916.250.

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