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Historisches Museum Basel lends objects from its collection to other museums for special exhibitions. Before you issue a formal loan request, we gladly support you in selecting the objects and inform you about their availability for loan.Objects currently on exhibition can only be lent in exceptional and well-founded cases.

Please direct all your correspondence to To ensure a quick handling of your request, correspondence via e-mail is preferred.

When handling a loan request, various clarifications and requests for authorization are necessary. Therefore, some deadlines are given and certain information is required.

For the handling of your loan request, we need

  • the formal loan request
  • a summary of the exhibition concept
  • project information (according to the Loan Form)
  • the list of objects with inventory numbers (Loan Form)
  • a Facility Report

A loan request has to be issued at least 90 days before the opening of the exhibition. You will get a confirmation that Historisches Museum Basel has received your loan request.

Soon after the receipt of your request, you will be given the object information including insurance values and optional amendments to the contract. Thereafter, the loan has to be approved by Historisches Museum Basel’s commission.

Afterwards the Loan Agreement (in German) will be sent to you. Concurrently, Historisches Museum Basel will arrange the insurance of the objects with Nationale Suisse. You will receive the corresponding bill directly from the insurance company.

All costs pertaining to insurance, transport, packaging, couriering etc. have to be borne by the borrower. As soon as Historisches Museum Basel has received a signed copy of the Loan Agreement from the borrower, transport modes and times can be arranged with the responsible department.

A condition report has to be signed upon receipt as well as upon returning of the objects.
Please contact Öffnet ein Fenster zum Versenden der for reproductions of the objects in catalogue, flyer, poster, website etc. after signing the loan agreement.