Kleiner Reisekoffer mit Hotelaufklebern
Kleiner Reisekoffer mit Hotelaufklebern

Valise with hotel stickers

Place of manufacture unknown, first third of 20th century
Crocodile leather on cardboard, iron (locks), moiré silk (lining)
H 27 cm (with handle); W 40 cm, D 10 cm
Inv. 2010.99.

4138px x 3255px
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The fashion for little suitcase stickers which travellers could use to advertise the hotels they had stayed at dates back to the late 19th century. In the early days of tourism, when people often travelled with large trunks that had to be carried by hotel staff and porters, most such stickers were produced by luxury hotels at Europe’s best known resorts. As travelling became cheaper and hence open to ever larger sections of the population, the number of those who carried their own baggage increased. It was then that the stickers came into their own, serving as proof that the owner of the suitcase had travelled widely. Today the stickers are important sources for historians of culture since they enable us to gauge the relative popularity of the various resorts as well as the importance of graphic design to the burgeoning tourism industry.

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