Reisegedeck mit Futteral

Travelling tableware set with case

Fork and spoon: Edmee Pierre Balzac, Paris, 1768
plate and covered dish: Robert Josephe Auguste, Paris, 1772 73
Silver, cast and turned, gilded
plate: diameter 25.3 cm
bowl: diameter 16.2 cm (without handles)
combined weight 1905 g
Inv. 1974.221.a. f.

4464px x 3660px
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Due to the division of labour, specialisation and stock holding that was already common in the C18, this set was not made at one time by a single goldsmith. The parts have the marks of two different craftsmen, and the letters denoting the years of manufacture make a difference of date of up to five years possible. The sexfoil shape of the plate is typical for the C18, while the edges of both the plate and the dish cover are set with fasces, a characteristic ornament of French Neoclassicism. The travelling service belonged to Daniel Frischmann (1728-1808), who, after serving in the British East India Company, returned in 1770 via London and Paris to his home town of Basle, where he married Sybilla Heitz in 1773.

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