Bechergestell als Sinnbild der Eintracht

Symbol of Concord, cabinet for beakers

dated 1807
Franz Abart, Innerschweiz
Limewood, height 137 cm
Inv. 1903.312.

2280px x 4822px
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This Symbol of Concord, as it is identified by the inscription on the rock, is a departure from the usual classical female personification, drawing instead upon the iconography of two heroes of the Swiss Confederation. The bundle of spears refers to Arnold von Winkelried and his statue on the fountain bearing his name that was made by the sculptor Franz Abart in 1724 and was erected near his home town, in Stans. It also alludes to Wilhelm Tell, as he appeared in contemporary representations, with fasces with the 'Freiheitshut' (freedom hat) stuck on top. The sculpture was designed as a monument for a room. It fulfilled a highly individual function: an accompanying document records that the retiring commander of the 1st Regiment of the canton of Basle Stadt, Oberstleutnant Rudolf Emanuel Wettstein, dedicated it as a token of friendship to his officers. The comradeship of the men was symbolized by the bundle of 17 spears. The initials of the friends are engraved on the beakers contained inside.

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