Stove tile, from a series

dated 1552; Lake Constance(?)
Faience with painting in 'high temperature' pigments
height ca. 29 cm, width 33 cm
Inv. 1894.1.GM

4822px x 3817px
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Winterthur, the regions around Schaffhausen and Lake Constance in north eastern Switzerland, and the bordering parts of southern Germany were early centers for the production of faience tableware and stoves. This group of seven tiles, including three from the holdings of the Gewerbemuseum, is from an early example of a faience stove. The tile illustrated here carries the date 1552. The design, in which the various scenes are set within a Renaissance arcade, was painted with swift yet sure brushstrokes in 'high temperature' pigments on the unfired tin glaze, in an early version of the distinctive Winterthur style of painting. The initials "hk" on the tile showing a cooper have resulted in the series being attributed to the well known stove potter Hans Kraut of Villingen in Swabia. More recently these letters have been interpreted as the monogram of the person depicted rather than of the artist. The tiles came from a stove in Bottigkofen near Kreuzlingen on Lake Constance.

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