Gusseiserne Ofenplatte
Gusseiserne Ofenplatte
Gusseiserne Ofenplatte - 1

Stove plate

dated 1745
Cast iron
height 135.5 cm, width 124.5 cm
Inv. 1896.100.a.

4194px x 4568px
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The stove plate was given to the Museum with a second, identical plate by the Basle city building department in 1896. As is shown in a drawing in the state archive of 1824, the plates were part of an iron stove standing on slender legs that was used for rapid heating of the Hintere Kanzlei (inner chancery) of the Basle town hall. The iconography of the plates, too, indicates that they were made for the state: two opposed basilisks hold a Basle coat of arms. These fabulous creatures had been popular and widespread supporters of the Basle coat of arms since the Middle Ages, alternating with angels, wildmen and lions. The large, almost square field of the plates is broken up by ornament in French Regency style. Although the plates were probably officially commissioned, neither the form maker nor the founder is known. Their artistic quality is high and the execution of a good standard; they are evidence that even two centuries after the heyday of stove plate casting in the C16 significant cast iron works were being produced.

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