Hl. Christophorus aus der Kirche von Läufelfingen

St Christopher, from Laufelfingen church

Basle, ca. 1470
Height 59 cm, width 4I cm

3474px x 4823px
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The St Christopher panel, created by an unknown master ca. 1470, is a choice example of stained glass from Basle in the Late Gothic period. It came into the possession of the Historisches Museum from a private collection as early as 1881. In its original location in Läufelfingen church in the upper Basle region this window representing the patron saint of travellers presented an opportunity for prayer before ascending the Jura pass over the Hauenstein. Brilliant, contrasting colours and a formal vocabulary derived from contemporary prints are significant features. The red cloak tossed about by the storm contrasts with the calm determination of the colossal saint as he tries to reach the safety of the bank under the ever increasing burden of the Christchild.

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