Spaltlampe von Kowa Company LASER FLARE CELL METER

Slit lamp by Kowa Company

Metal, glass
H 74 cm, W 42 cm, D 35 cm
Inv. 2011.160.

2352px x 3615px
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This laser flare cell meter with split lamp is a device that measures the cloudiness of the intra-ocular fluid of the living eye. While the intra-ocular fluid of a healthy eye is clear, the presence of cells and protein particles makes it cloudy if the uvea is inflamed (uveitis). This device directs a beam of laser light through the intra-ocular fluid. If the fluid is clear, the beam takes an (almost) straight path, whereas if particles are present, the light is scattered. Diffraction allows the particles in the fluid to be counted, just as the degree of diffraction correlates with the severity of the inflammation. This laser flare cell meter comes from the Novartis research laboratories and was donated to the collection along with some 160 items of laboratory equipment used in pharmacological research.

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