Schildhalter vom Spalentor

Shieldbearer from the Basle Spalentor

Basle, ca. 1475
Red sandstone, height 115 cm, width 83 cm
Inv. 1906.3617.

3820px x 4822px
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The armour clad man with a sword in his left hand and a shield in his right belonged, together with a counterpart, to the sculptural decoration of the late medieval Spalentor (Spalen gate) in Basle. The two reliefs were set about 5 m above the outer portal on the central merlons of the battlements of the gate's barbican, which was added in 1473-74. The remaining four merlons on the entrance front and those on the flanks were equipped with complicated embrasures. These sculptures were detached and replaced by copies in 1893.

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