Strasbourg, Joseph Hannong, IH mark, mould number 43, ca. 1764/70
Faience, on glaze painting and gilding
diameter 24 cm
Inv. 1991.250.

4822px x 3789px
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Around 1765 the Paul Hannong factory produced a service for Cardinal Louis César-Constantin de Rohan (1697-1779), Bishop of Strasbourg, and his nephew, Cardinal Louis Rene Eduard de Rohan (1734-1803). The pieces were in shallow relief and had rich flower painting in decorated borders of cobalt blue with a golden rim. Of the entire service, scarcely more than a dish and a plate in the Musée des Arts Decoratifs, Strasbourg, and a plate in a private collection survive. After Joseph Hannong, son of Paul Hannong, had taken over the Strasbourg factory in 1762, he would have come across either the moulds for this service or unpainted white ware, which moved him to produce some individual pieces including this plate. It is painted, in a manner that was unusual for Strasbourg ware, with purple camaieu landscapes based on stencils. These scenes are in the style of François-Antoine Anstett, although no evidence exists for his employment at the Strasbourg factory at this time.

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