Ovale Halsuhr

Pendant oval watch

Isaac Forfait I, Sedan, ca. 1600
Bronze, gilt
casing: silver, parcel gilt, engraved, pierced
lid: cut rock crystal
spring with gut line on fusee
hands: blued steel
height 6.4 cm, width 3.4 cm, thickness 2.6 cm
Inv. 1982.1061.

2267px x 3408px
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Isaac Forfait I lived from 1586 to 1648. His signature, "Isaac Forfait / Sedan", is engraved on the back plate in italics. The watch, which was worn round the neck, is furnished on both sides with a lid of cut rock crystal and so exposes the back plate to view. The dial plate is decorated with engraved and pierced foliage. A silver band with engraved foliage and fluttering putti runs round the sides of the case. The single hand indicates the hours on the silver chapter ring with engraved Roman numerals.

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