Trumeau aus dem Segerhof

Part of a window casement, from the Segerhof, Blumenrain 17/19

Basle, ca. 1790
Oak, partially gilded, later painted grey
height 229 cm, width 710 cm
Inv. 1990.480.

3844px x 4822px
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The panel fragment with a mirror below and a picture above originally was set above a console table as cladding on a window pillar. It probably belonged to the interior decoration of the Segerhof carried out by the architect Christoph Burckhardt Merian between 1788 and 1790. Above the mirror, which is set off with rosettes, the corners of the rectangular field around the oval picture are filled with finely carved foliage. The picture is a mezzotint - a printing technique perfected in England in the C18 - of an Old Testament scene as represented in Benjamin West's 1776 painting The Golden Age. The work of Benjamin West, an American artist who became the royal History Painter at the English court in 1772, was widely disseminated in such prints. Entitled L'AGE D'OR, the picture also recalls Basle's 'Golden Age' and its affluent merchant patriciate. The gilded carving would have glittered in the light cast by the candles that were originally held by mounts on either side of the mirror.

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