Blatt aus dem Stammbuch des Basler Goldschmieds
Blatt aus dem Stammbuch des Basler Goldschmieds

Page from the family record of the Basle goldsmith Johann Heinrich Schrotberger

dated 1696
Entry by a member of the Blankenberg family, Cölln an der Spree, Berlin
Brush drawing over lead pencil, 11.2 x 17 cm
Inv. 1926.77.

4728px x 3441px
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Among the 30 or so family registers dating from the C16 to C18 in the Museum's collection are three rare journeyman's books. This one, made by the Basle journeyman goldsmith Johann Heinrich Schrotberger (1670-1748), contains entries by 22 friends and colleagues spread over the years 1694-1726. Most pages are adorned by a drawing and a dedication, and are particularly interesting as records of the goldsmith's contacts during his time in Berlin in 1694-98. These contacts included the journeyman goldsmith from Schaffhausen, Matthäus Schalch, the Zurich engraver Johann Melchior Fuesli, the Hamburg goldsmith Niclaus Jorden, the Berlin die cutter Johann Sebastian Dattler, the painter Gregorius Schunemann, the Bremen journeyman goldsmith Johann Klump, the goldsmith Christian Fischer from Lindau and the Berlin goldsmith Otto Thiele. The drawing of a pipe smoker is accompanied by a reference to a smoking and drinking club frequented at that time by the journeyman's circle.

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