ca. AD 570
Found in the burial site at Bernerring, grave 27, Basle 58 glass beads, one amber bead and two gold pendants
length 33 cm Necklace
Inv. 1932.155.
Pendants: Inv. 1932.156.a. and b.

3597px x 4822px
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The burial site belonged to a noble Frankis family, and the necklace was part of a richly furnished woman's tomb. The woman died between her 30th and 40th years and was buried in a wooden chamber. A gold coin, called an obolus, was placed in her mouth. According to the belief of the time it would enable her to pay for her journey to the realm of the dead. Other burial offerings were a bracelet of glass and amber beads, an ivory comb with a sheath, a weaving needle and a key of iron, a glass goblet and a small birchwood casket with a decorated sheet of bronze riveted to it. The necklace is remarkable for its two disc shaped gold pendants. They are decorated with nine rings placed between two circles. The rings and circles are made of finely grooved wire soldered to the gold discs.

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