Model of a stove

Strasbourg, Paul Hannong, painter probably François Antoine Anstett, mid 18th century
Faience with on glaze painting in enamel colours and cold gilding
height 33 cm, base 13 x 17.7 x 13 cm
Inv. 1975.96.

4822px x 5761px
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This peculiar hybrid is more of a corner fireplace than a tiled stove, as it is heated from an open hearth and the warmth is accumulated in the tiled casing above. The triangular ground plan, which would make it possible for the stove to be placed in a corner against an outside wall, demonstrates that these miniature faience stoves were not made for dolls' houses, but as models for envisaged projects. The only known stove of comparable shape is installed in the Augustusburg in Brühl, south of Cologne: it was made in Strasbourg, as this model must have been. The landscape, with a feather-leafed tree arching high over travellers, and the seascapes painted on the model are attributed to François Antoine Anstett, who worked with Paul Hannong in Strasbourg until 1754.

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