Klappentrompete in G

Keyed trumpet in G

Alois Doke, Linz, 1823
Coiled clockwise
five keys
overall length 160 cm, mouthpiece diameter 1.1 cm, bell diameter 11.8 cm
Inv. 1980.2369.

4822px x 2551px
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All that is known about Alois Doke is that he became a member of the Linzer Gesellschaft der Musikfreunde (Linz society of music lovers) in 1823. The engraved signature in italics on the rim is to be read from the outside: "Aluis Doke in Linz". The five keys are arranged radially. They allow a greater chromatic range than that of the natural trumpet, in that the fourth between the 3rd and 4th harmonics can be filled in. Experiments with keyed trumpets go back to the 1770s and, with the less common stopped and 'invention' trumpets, form an intermediate stage between the natural or fanfare trumpet and the valve trumpet patented in 1818 in Berlin. The enlarged tone compass is clear, for example, in the concertos for keyed trumpet written by Joseph Haydn (1732-1809) and Johann Nepomuk Hummel (1778-1837).

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