Drehleier mit lautenförmigem Korpus

Hurdy gurdy with lute shaped body

dated 1746
Fransois Feury, Paris
Two melody and four drone strings of gut, four steel sympathetic strings
front fir, body of maple and mahogany splints
two C shaped sound holes
keys and edge of lid faced or inlaid with ivory and ebony
overall length 64 cm

4822px x 3370px
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The signature of François Feury (Paris ca. 1711 - after 1772) is found on the inside of the openable lid, above the tangent mechanism: "F. Feury, rue des Fossez St. Germain de l'Auxerrois proche la Rue de l'Arbre sec. A Paris 1746". The strings are played by a wheel connected to a handle; the melody strings are shortened by a keyboard mechanism with tangents. One of the four drone strings ('la trompette') runs over a snare bridge. This is engaged by a tailpiece inserted in the peg and produces a timbre reminiscent of the braying of a trumpet. These luxurious instruments were used for pastoral music making in elevated society in France in the C18.

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