Humpen mit Wappen des Benediktinerklosters St. Blasien (Schwarzwald)

'Humpen with the coat of arms of the abbey of St. Blasien, Germany

dated 1626
South Germany
Green glass with enamel painting, height 34 cm, diameter 13 cm
Inv. 1893.320.

3890px x 4822px
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The 'Humpen', a large cylindrical beaker, is a German, or rather Bohemian, form of drinking vessel. The one illustrated here can hold about 3 litres of beer and reflects the heavy drinking customary in some male circles. The three dimensional prunts that formerly decorated the sides of narrow flute glasses and afforded a firm grip gave way at the end of the C16 to a smooth form that could be decorated with enamel painting. The arms of the Benedictine abbey of St. Blasien (St. Blaise) are set within a scrollwork cartouche; they are not, however, entirely correct heraldically. The reverse carries the coat of arms of the abbot. On the basis of its date, the glass is assumed to have belonged to Blasius Münzer II, abbot of St. Blasien 1625 38, who would have used it as a 'Willkomm', a beaker for offering a welcoming drink. The abbot fled from the warfare raging first in the Basle region, then spreading to the Black Forest in 1632, by going into exile in Switzerland, where he died in 1638 in Wislikofen in the canton of Aargau.

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