Hilburghausen (Thuringen), Andreas Voit factory, mid 19th century
Leather body and limbs, papier mache, real hair
height 57 cm
Inv. 1900.79.

3493px x 4505px
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A child's unselfconscious, unsupervised play with a baby doll as a partner and object for identification is a phenomenon of the late C19. The child now had a world of its own to experience. C19 dolls usually embody adults who, with soft bodies and a tranquil expression, promise motherly protection and could be used for teaching purposes. They therefore have a wardrobe of ordinary clothes, unlike fashion dolls or mannikin dolls with rich appurtenances. However, changing their clothes was always an important part of play with dolls, making them specifically toys for girls. The wide range of historic mannikin and character dolls has found a new public in collectors, including many who, in these charmingly displayed figures, seek a substitute for a childhood not fully lived.

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