Schrank mit eingebautem Puppenhaus
Schrank mit eingebautem Puppenhaus
Schrank mit eingebautem Puppenhaus

Cupboard with built in doll's house

furnished with objects dating from 17th to 19th century
height 152 cm, breadth 100 cm, depth 57 cm
Inv. 1945.63.

2412px x 3052px
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Dolls' rooms like those shown here are called 'Doggetekänschterli' (dolls' boxes) in Basle. They are built into a lockable cupboard, because traditionally children were only allowed to play with these expensively furnished dolls' rooms under supervision, and not every day. Such dolls' rooms often survived for generations and were re furnished as needed, as is clearly the case in this example, since only the kitchen shows the original furnishings. On the table stands a silver dish with a lid with an engraved inscription on the bottom: "Von H: Pet: Bierman - verehrt 17:09 " (presented by Peter Biermann, 1709); Peter Biermann (1641-1728) was a Basle goldsmith who became a member of the guild in 1669. The former kitchen stove, dated 1829, has been replaced by an older ceramic stove from the toy collection.

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