Child's rattle 17th century

Silver, engraved, length 73 cm
Inv. 1881.168.

4822px x 3862px
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When the infant has grown out of the purely receptive phase, he shows an early desire to grasp the world by touch. The little body begins to serve the senses in a purposeful way. Soon the young child feels the pains of teething. The child's rattle was made for this stage, and was often lavishly equipped: teething rings of coral, ivory and agate were held by silver gilt handles and embellished with bells. This silver rattle in the form of a trumpet is a variant without teething rings. Although it is closed at the front, the mouthpiece is formed as a whistle and can produce sounds. Rattles were not only objects for a child to hold and make a noise with, but were also regarded as talismans that could keep evil spirits away with their clatter and whistling.

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