Plattflasche des Kleinen Rates von Basel

Bottle belonging to the Basle inner council

Johannes Linder I, Basle, 1638
Cast pewter, soldered
height 42 cm
Inv. 1875.29.

3844px x 4822px
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The guild and corporation vessels documented since the C15 can be classified neither as ostentatious display pieces, like, for example, pewter with relief decoration, nor as mere decorative showpieces in the nature of honorary or commemorative gifts, nor again as simple utility ware. Rather, they combine show and use functions. The flat flask illustrated, for example, was used functionally for serving wine but only on solemn and festive occasions. It has a lenticular body, an angular foot and a cylindrical neck; the neck is closed by a hinged lid. The relief medallion on the body consists of a foliage wreath enclosing two basilisks with the Basle coat of arms. Concentric rings, ridges and punched acanthus friezes enrich the decoration. Two basilisk figures form hooks for the pewter chain. This is one of a series of 12 flat bottles ordered by the council of Basle in 1638 from the Basle pewterer Johannes Linder 1 (1611-1678).

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