Basler Geschenkmedaille
Basler Geschenkmedaille
Basler Geschenkmedaille
Basler Geschenkmedaille - 1

Basle presentation medal

Gabriel Le Clerc, undated, 1691
Gold, struck
weight 208.678 g (= 60 ducats)
diameter 67.9 mm
Inv. 1905.851.

2954px x 2807px
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This medal is not only the largest, but also one of the most valuable presentation medals of the city of Basle: in 1691 and even later it was presented to Swiss ambassadors and other eminent men in versions weighing 30, 60 or even 100 ducats. It was struck using an obverse die with a view of the town engraved and signed in 1685 by Le Clerc (active in Basle 1683 94) for another medal, and a new reverse die made shortly afterwards, not signed. A boy holds by the jaws a lion moving towards him while a snake between the lions legs darts its tongue at him; but the Lord protects both him and the city of Basle from enemy attacks (DOMINVS CVSTODIT ME). The medal illustrated is also a splendid example of the dedicated acquisition policy of the C19: aware of its rarity, the Antiquarian Collection of Basle Museum purchased the gold medal in 1867, working on the principle that they should "make the collection of Basle coins and medals as complete as possible".

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