Baking mould

18th century(?)
Copper, zinc plated
length 17 cm, height 7 cm, width 18.3 cm
Inv. 1898.11.

1106px x 1600px
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"Crayfish tart. Make a crayfish dough, spread it well on a dish, put in a filling of veal titbits, young chicken or whatever other good things you wish, pike liver, chicken liver, turtle and other fish parts, bake it in a cake tin, but not too long, so that it does not become greasy, and serve it hot" (Josepha Hirt's C18 cookery book). Such cake tins were not only used for baking. Even in upper middle class households economy was practised in the kitchen, and many recipes were devoted to using up left-overs. Especially in summer jellied meat or fish was produced from decoratively layered and prettily shaped moulds. For solid sweets such as charlottes and frozen foods, more ornamental moulds were used.

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