Wappenscheibe des Andreas Ryff und Daniel Burckhardt

Armorial panel of Andreas Ryff and Daniel Burckhardt

dated 1595
Attributed to Jakob Plepp, Basle
Height 55 cm, width 37.5 cm
Inv. 1991.257.

3397px x 4062px
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After his successful mediation in the 1594 rebellion of the subjects of the Basle region, thereby bringing the so called 'Rappenkrieg' to a peaceful end, the name of Andreas Ryff (1550-1603) was bound to go down in history. This panel with the coats of arms of Andreas Ryff and his son in law Daniel Burckhardt dated 1595 already records his diplomatic mission. The upper part of the picture shows the memorable meeting between the town's delegates and the peasants under the leadership of Hans Siegrist on the meadow before Schloss Wildenstein. An oval medallion forms the centre of the panel, depicting a crane holding a stone as a symbol of watchfulness and bearing the motto: "Trotz Hochmut and Rebellion / Macht gutte Policey zergori" (Good policy makes disappear defiance, haughtiness and rebellion). The allegories of Rebellion, War, Conciliation and Peace, symbolizing the course of events, accompany the central cartouche and coats of arms.

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