Leaps in Time – A Brief History of Basel

STARTING june 22, 2019

Around 200,000 people of 200 different nationalities live in Basel today. The city forms the centre of a large trinational region with a long history. Leaps in Time presents all those major events and historical milestones that have shaped the city and the region. Visitors will be piloted through time by a hundred or so exhibits ranging from the earliest traces of human activity to the present.

Among them will be important items attesting to key events in the city’s history, although visitors will also encounter objects of everyday use, including some that may surprise them. In addition, there will be six short films that open up historical perspectives on contemporary issues such as the influence of immigration and migration, the role of the pharmaceutical industry, and the relationship between town and country. There are also media stations that invite visitors to discover and solve riddles, as well as a large, interactive installation combining city maps, historical photographs, facts and figures on Basel’s urban and demographic development. The exhibition is trilingual (German, French, English) throughout and provides full access for the disabled.