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Isabel Münzner

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Isabel Münzner studied musicology and sociology at the University of Basel, University of Zurich and University of London. After serving as a director’s assistant at Theater Basel and the Komische Oper Berlin, she did PR work for the Theater Freiburg and later the Kaserne Basel. At the same time, she began preparing at the exhibition Up Beat! Metronomes and Musical Time at the Musikmuseum, having been recruited for that purpose in 2016. She has been acting curator of the collection of musical instruments since 2017.

Isabel Münzner is a member of the Gesellschaft für Musikforschung (GfM), the Comité international pour les musées et collections d’instruments et de musique (CIMCIM) and the committee of the Gesellschaft der Freunde alter Musikinstrumente (GEFAM) and the Schweizerische Musikforschende Gesellschaft Basel (SMG).

Publications (selected)

Isabel Münzner, “Liebliche Instrumente – im Musikmuseum,” Historisches Museum Basel Jahresbericht 2017, pp. 48–53.

Isabel Münzner, “On it ticks! The Basel exhibition ‘Up Beat! Metronomes and Musical Time’,” CIMCIM Bulletin September 2017, pp. 27f.

Simon Obert and Isabel Münzner, “Felix Weingartner und der Aufruf ‘An die Kulturwelt’,” in Im Mass der Moderne. Felix Weingartner – Dirigent, Komponist, Autor, Reisender, Verlag Schwabe AG: Basel 2009, pp. 69–84.


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